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The ‘Small Business Sunday’ Effect

Small businesses like us have miniscule marketing budgets. If you can increase your exposure, or your media presence, without spending any money, then generally that's a good thing. One way to achieve this is by entering into Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday...

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Conversion: before and after

Three years ago I went to visit the site of a building conversion with a view to landscaping the grounds. I took my usual array of photos and went off to draw up some design proposals. Happily the designs were approved and over the next 18 months the building was...

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New Year, New Garden, New You

How many of us have piled on a few pounds over the holiday season? I know I have. How many more have pledged to join their local gym to get back into shape? Well, if you have a garden there is no need. The time you'd spend at the gym could be spent in your garden, and...

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