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New Year, New Garden, New You

How many of us have piled on a few pounds over the holiday season? I know I have. How many more have pledged to join their local gym to get back into shape? Well, if you have a garden there is no need. The time you'd spend at the gym could be spent in your garden, and...

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The Trouble with Bedding

You’ve seen them in public parks and on roundabouts. You’ve seen them outside council buildings, spelling out slogans of civic pride and shaped into lurid municipal crests. Loud and needy, demanding to be the centre of attention, they are bedding plants – the spoilt...

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Unaccustomed, as I am, to public speaking

Back in the Autumn, whilst up to my eyes in work, I received an invitation to deliver a talk to a small group of ladies. I accepted without hesitation, secure in the knowledge that I’d have ages to prepare – the event was not taking place until the following March....

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Tulip mania

We take a look back to a time when a single tulip bulb literally cost a small fortune

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