Garden Design

The Design Stage

The design stage is composed of two parts: initial concept sketches and detailed plans.

Survey and initial concept sketches

The first requirement at the design stage is a site survey. If the site is simple we will complete the survey ourselves. This will involve us measuring and photographing your garden. However, most sites will require a professional survey, for which prices start at £360 +VAT. The extra cost will be worthwhile as even the smallest difference between the survey and the site on the ground can add significant costs at the building stage.

Once we have the survey detail we then develop initial concept sketches, according to the brief agreed at the initial consultation. We will explore the ideas generated, and use our detailed plant and construction knowledge to suggest designs which will be refined, elegant but also practical. Our close relationship with a network of trusted contractors means we have in-depth knowledge of current building and construction standards, and we won’t propose anything which is not cost-effective or practical.

Once the initial concept sketches are complete we will arrange a meeting to present the new design proposals. Sketch plans will show the intended layout of the garden, and we will present mood boards indicating plants, materials, finishes and accessories. We will also show you 3D visuals of the design.

The initial sketch plan explains the concept but does not contain sufficient information to allow a contractor to build the garden. That is covered by the detailed plans.

Detailed design and construction plans

Once the concept sketches are approved, the detailed design stage begins. We create plans which specify the design in detail – with exact dimensions and construction details for items such as water features, gazebos, pergolas, carpentry and paving schemes.

As well as providing construction drawings we will specify the materials required. Once approved, this information will form the basis of the next stage – construction, or the garden build.

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