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This Spring, you’re going to be spending a LOT of time in the garden

This lockdown period could be the best opportunity we’ll ever have to use our gardens.

Instead of the occasional weekend and evening during the summer, many of us will be using our outside space as often as possible – for exercise, teaching the kids, growing vegetables, or just getting out of the house for some ‘me’ space.

And after a while, you may start to realise your garden doesn’t work for you the way you want.

If you find yourself wishing your garden was a nicer place to spend all that time, you can start to change it today.

Our Garden Design by Post service allows us to create your dream garden without us having to visit.

We can help turn your frustrating space into a garden that is beautiful, exciting and personal to you – and all for a fraction of our usual fee.

And when this is all over, you’ll be ready to have your garden transformed, exactly the way you want it.

A proven design system

This service isn’t something we’ve thrown together to make a quick buck. Our Garden Design by Post service has been running successfully for a decade. It’s normally reserved for clients who live a long way from our base in Leicestershire. It’s a proven system we’ve used to design gardens up and down the country, from as far afield as Devon, Wales and Yorkshire.

But now we’re all locked down, we’re offering this service to everyone who is stuck at home for the foreseeable future and wants to improve their garden.

How does Garden Design by Post work?

We’ll email you a comprehensive questionnaire and survey document for you to complete. This gives us everything we need to know about you and your garden. We’ll get you to take photographs or video for you to upload to our servers. We can communicate by email, phone or video call if necessary to make sure we receive all the details we need.

We’ll then use your information to design your brand new, bespoke garden.

And once the designs are approved, we’ll send you a detailed package including layout plans, planting plans, specification documents and a guide to completing the project once things return to normal.

You will be able to hand the plans to a local landscaping company for them to quote, or you could build the garden yourself, if you prefer.

Are there any restrictions to this service?

The service is only available for gardens with an area under 300 square metres. That’s roughly 10m x 30m, which is a pretty large domestic garden.

If your garden slopes steeply or is so overgrown that you can’t see the boundaries, contact us first and we’ll advise on whether the service will be suitable for you.

This offer is also open to new customers only.

What do the results look like?

Here are some examples of gardens designed using our Garden Design by Post service.

This tropical garden in Devon
This new-build garden in Hampshire

How much does it cost?

The fixed price for our Garden Design by Post service is £695 (inc. VAT), which represents a huge discount on our usual face-to-face consultation fees, which start from £1,200.

Not only that, but you can also pay the fees in two easy instalments: 50% on ordering, and 50% when you are happy with the plans. On payment of the final balance, we send the final designs over to you, ready for you to put into action.

Note: if your garden’s area is larger than 300 square metres, contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Why is this service less expensive than your full consultation service?

In our full service, we would meet with you in person a minimum of three times, and sometimes many more. Each of those meetings takes us out of the office for as much as half a day, which adds to our consultation fees. All these meetings will now be carried out via email, phone or video call, cutting down considerably on our chargeable time.

Also, our full service includes a GPS survey from a professional land surveying company, at a minimum cost of £480. You will be making your own simplified survey instead.

If this service is less expensive, do I get less for my money?

You will receive the same design service, from the same designers, as our full consultancy clients. You’ll receive concept sketches, 3D visualisations of your designs, and full layout drawings to scale, with dimensions and specifications. The only difference is we don’t come to see you in person, and you make your own survey.

How much do I need to budget to get my garden built?

Unless you intend to build your garden yourself, you will need to contract with a landscaping company to construct your garden. We recommend you allocate a minimum budget of £10k-£15k to get your new garden built. This will include things such as groundworks, hard landscaping for paving and any construction required, additional topsoil and/or soil improver, and the planting of the garden. We will recommend certain materials, such as types of paving and timber, but you are free to select whichever materials suit your budget.

What happens if I get my measurements wrong?

We will double-check your measurements with existing plans available from the Land Registry, which show the boundaries to scale. However, these plans don’t indicate the positions of trees and temporary structures, like sheds. We also cross-reference using Google Earth satellite imagery.

While this is not correct down to the millimetre, it does give us an indication as to the accuracy of your measurements. If we find a significant error, we will come back to you and ask you to check your measurements and resupply.

How long does it take?

Once we’ve received your completed questionnaire, images and initial payment, we aim to deliver your completed garden design in 28 days.

When can I get this offer?

This unique lockdown offer is only available for three months between April–June 2020.

The offer will run for as long as the lockdown lasts – we don’t know exactly how long that is going to be, so we’ve limited it to three months. Unless the lockdown period is extended, the offer will end on 30th June 2020.


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