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Initial Garden Design Consultation

The initial consultation, which usually lasts around 60-90 minutes, allows us to view your site in detail and investigate your wants and needs for the garden. We will walk around your garden, exchange ideas and run through a detailed questionnaire which will then allow us to draft a written brief, which we will agree with you.

Before the initial consultation, it is helpful if you think about your likes and dislikes, which don’t have to be garden-related. If you have a favourite style, interior decoration, or a love of a particular region of the world, then let us know. It will all go into helping us build up a profile of you, which will be reflected in our designs.

Also, spend some time thinking about the practical features of your desired garden: do you want to use it for entertaining, or relaxing. Do you love gardening or require low maintenance? Do you want space for kids or pets? You might intend to use the garden as an office? Will you use the garden all day, or just in the evening? All these things will shape the designs we propose.

Setting a budget

We will ask you to provide us with a budget figure for your new garden. This figure is very important – it allows us to ensure that you get the best garden you can for your money. For further details, see our Setting a Budget page.

Based on the answers to your questionnaire and your budget figure we will provide you with a rough estimate of the build cost of your garden. We will then quote you a garden design fee, which will cover the presentation of initial design concepts, detailed plans and construction detail plans, planting design and planting plans.

After you’ve had your consultation and you wish to proceed, we begin the design stage.

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