After 11 years of working from our small home office, in May 2019 we took a leap into the brave new world of Proper Office Space. We now live on the first floor of the newly renovated Old Cottage Hospital, Ashby de la Zouch.

A big move like this causes you to reflect on where you’ve come from during this time. We started out in 2007 when we moved house and relocated to Blackfordby. The month we founded the business was the same month Lehman Brothers collapsed, pitching the world into the financial crisis. Awesome timing!

However, we didn’t appreciate at that time just what a bumpy ride we were in for. Anna had a laptop and the kitchen table, and that was all she needed.

Three years ago we took on our first member of staff, and from that time we have badly needed more space. So when the opportunity to lease some office space, we jumped at it.

We now have a team of four and a bit more room. We also have the use of a meeting room now, which means clients can come to us, rather than Anna driving all over the East Midlands all the time. And our calls are now answered by a dedicated office receptionist, which means we’re no longer bothered by cold callers all the time.

We have a very good relationship with our downstairs neighbours, David Granger Design. We were already partnering on projects (such as the School House), but now our proximity makes this much easier.

You can find out more about the renovation of the Old Cottage Hospital here.