Another sloping garden

Anyone leafing through the pages in our gallery could be forgiven for thinking that all we do is design gardens for sloping sites. For example, we designed and built this one in Ashbourne, designed another in Northampton and in 2012 we designed this one, in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

Swad, as it’s known locally, is very close to home, and is situated in a former coal-mining area. The terrain is bumpy, so if you’re setting up a garden design company around here, dealing with slopes comes with the territory.

The solution to dealing with an incline outside your back door is to cut terraces into the slope to create manageable levels. Here we were able to create a lawn area, separate herbaceous planting areas and two flat entertaining levels, one paved, one a deck.

Sloping garden in Swadlincote

The original plot was basically a grass covered slope with a rockery down one side (scroll down for a picture). The owners wanted a garden they could use more fully – with planting interest and a seating area away from the house. The finished design included a number of timber raised beds, an extended patio, a water sculpture, lawn and a raised deck at the top of the garden as a space for entertaining and relaxation.

Our design was accepted, and was installed in May 2012 by Alan Watson of, who did a fantastic job. Our client commented on the completed garden:

“Absolutely lush! Between you and Alan you have given us the most beautiful garden. We really are pleased. Thank you.”

To see the transformation, this is the ‘before’ shot of the garden in March 2012:

The original sloping site

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