A swimming pool garden to compliment a stylish modern extension

A Contemporary Formal Garden in Staffordshire

We were asked by our client to design a formal garden which would complement a new extension and swimming pool, to provide some sheltered, family entertaining space.

We have previously designed various garden areas on this large plot, but most have been in a traditional style to reflect the Georgian property. This time, to augment the modern new buildings, we decided on a contemporary formal style, secluded from the rest of the garden to provide a peaceful family-focussed area.

Swimming pool with large patio and pergola

The enclosing rear wall is planted with trees, shrubs and perennials, and topped with timber screens. Behind the wall is a service path leading to an adjacent kitchen garden. The path is lined with pleached trees forming a screen from neighbouring properties.

Split-level water blade feature being commissioned

We designed a raised lawn bisected by a formal, split-level pool. The upper pool is crossed by three ‘floating’ pavers, shown here from the steps leading from the swimming pool.

Raised planters form a stylish edge to the patio area

For year-round structure, we planted Buxus spheres and standard Amelanchier trees, with mature Hydrangeas providing height and impact. We planted a soft under-storey of roses, Nepeta, various grasses, Crocosmia for late colour, and Penstemon for their length of flowering.

Multi-use poolside entertaining space
Swimming pool with large patio and pergola

The view from the patio seating area showing both pools, with the top pool draining through the low retaining wall into the lower pool.

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