Transforming Outdoor Living with Contemporary Lighting Design

When tasked with this challenging garden transformation project, our team embraced the opportunity to create a space that not only met the client’s needs but also harmonised with the impressive nature of their property. Our lighting design was pivotal in making this small, narrow outdoor area an inviting extension of our client’s home.

Design Brief Challenges

This project, in Melbourne, Derbyshire, was a unique challenge – a small outdoor space that felt out of scale with the property. A significant level change further limited its usability, making it unsuitable for our client’s social and entertaining needs. The existing swim spa, while impressive, dominated the area without integration and felt exposed.

Key Design Features

Our design aimed to address these challenges:

Outdoor Entertaining Space: We maximised the available space to create an outdoor entertaining area perfectly aligned with our client’s social nature and intended use.

Contemporary Harmony: Our design seamlessly extended the modern style of the interior to the outdoors, creating a harmonious connection.

Gentler Level Change: By adjusting the level change, we made the space more accessible and user-friendly.

Scale and Openness: The redesigned space now harmonises with the property’s scale, offering a more open and inviting atmosphere.

Integrated Swim Spa: We repositioned the swim spa to blend with the design, transforming it into a luxurious focal point.

Natural Greenery: Our planting scheme included some specimen tree ferns, and focused on shades of green, complementing the woodland habitat beyond the boundary.

Height and Pergola: Adding a bespoke pergola (built by Caltef Designs) gently connected the design to the property and existing trees on the boundary.

Our clients were thrilled with the transformation:

  • They loved how the contemporary design seamlessly linked their extended home to the outdoors, especially with open bi-fold doors.
  • The newfound privacy allowed them to use the swim spa more frequently, free from the feeling of being on display to their neighbours.
  • Our lighting design extended the usability of the garden into the evening, making it a welcoming space after dark.
  • What was once a tiny patio and a vast expanse of grass has now become a genuinely usable and inviting outdoor living space.

This garden transformation showcases the power of thoughtful lighting design in creating a space that not only meets the client’s needs but also enhances the beauty and functionality of their property. It’s a testament to the art of harmonising outdoor and indoor living, transforming a space that was once underutilised into a true extension of the home.

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