Creating a Garden in Stages

Most of our garden design clients want their gardens completely transformed on one go. But occasionally, clients want to tackle their garden a piece at a time.

Sometimes it’s down to budget. Other times it’s because the garden is very large, or the client doesn’t want the disruption of a new garden build taking over their lives. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to create a garden in stages.

In this garden, our client wanted to use the opportunity of having their garden designed to learn about plants and gardening. So they decided they wanted to help with the planting work themselves.

We designed this garden in Packington, Leicestershire, back in 2011, while the client was having their house remodelled by David Granger Architectural Design. The outdoor space was severely overgrown, with a lot of trees in various states of disrepair. After the weakest had been removed, we were asked to design a scheme for the whole back garden area, which formed over half an acre. Our scheme was accepted, and we agreed to formulate a plan to stage the construction and planting work.

This was the same scene as above, taken in 2011:

The first part of the scheme to be completed was the curved, paved patio adjacent to the house. The planting around this paving served two purposes – to provide a pleasant view from the house; and to provide screening for the driveway and parking area beyond. We achieved this by using ready-grown hedging sections for instant height, and planting a herbaceous scheme of flowering shrubs, evergreens and spring-flowering bulbs.

Here’s another before and after view of the patio and drive, from 2011 and 2015 respectively:

The scheme continues to develop. We’ve introduced various flower borders and a new lawn. Last year we installed a large pond, and we shall be planting the margins of that this spring. Later will come a summer-house overlooking the pond. We’re also establishing a fruit and nut walk – a path through a mixture of apple and hazel trees, with adjacent currant bushes and raspberries.

The garden has been open as part of the Packington Open Gardens event held in August for the last few years – hopefully, it will be open again this year.

Anna has been the inspiration behind us renovating our garden. Her designs, advice and implementation have been inspiring and she has been willing to work at our pace and budget without pressure selling.

She has also been patient and knowledgeable in offering advice and guidance to a novice gardener trying to learn new skills. When implementing the project, her work effort is awesome. An inspirational designer, contractor and businesswoman.

Allen G – Packington

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