Landscaping a business park

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We were approached by a commercial development company to design a landscaping scheme and install 380 sq m of new planting in a Derby business park.

The project was unusual in that part of the site had already been landscaped to an unsatisfactory standard by another company; another part had been left unplanted and the remainder was still being built. Our brief was to design a scheme which was more dynamic and exciting than the usual municipal planting. It also had to be mainly evergreen, hardy as the site was exposed to winds, and rabbit proof. The scheme also had to be flexible enough to fit around the building work taking place on-site.

The site as we found it – a mixture of poorly planted beds, building rubble and empty beds.

In our design we wanted to steer clear of the usual untidy, dull green evergreen planting you see everywhere. We wanted to use plants with colour, form and textural interest all year round, and we wanted the design to soften the large building structures which formed the development. As the design was spread over 30 island beds of different sizes, as well as most of the perimeter, the scheme needed to have a consistent theme running through it.

The planting palette we proposed included Buxus sempervirens spheres, Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’, Cornus alba elegantissima, Fatsia japonica, Stipa tenuissima, Heuchera sp of various colours, Liriope muscari, as well as Betula, Acer and Robinia. The focal point of the development was a 9,500 sq ft office, and for this we added spiral trained Leylandii and Buxus spheres in specially selected granite planters. After improving the soil and installing weed-supressant membrane, the entire scheme was finished by mulching with locally sourced plum slate chippings.

© 2010 Lush Landscape and Garden Design

© 2010 Lush Landscape and Garden Design

© 2010 Lush Landscape and Garden Design

One of a pair of Box balls in granite planters

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