Garden Design by Post: a Modern Tropical Garden

UPDATED July 2017: We love it when our clients send us photos of their cherished gardens. Especially here – this was one of our first Design by Post projects, for clients down in Devon.

To appreciate the complete transformation, compare these latest photos to the ones of the original site, further on in the post.

This project goes to show just what is possible with our Design by Post service. If you don’t live in our Midlands catchment, but like our style, why not give it a try?

Here are the latest photos – enjoy!

Original article (2012): Earlier this spring we undertook this Design by Post scheme for a couple in Ashby who were in the process of selling their home and moving to the Devon coast. The new property had a small and unloved, sloping area of turf for a back garden, and they wanted to install a modern space for relaxation, including architectural planting and space for sculpture. They were also interested in working with a mixture of hard surfaces. We worked from a survey and photographs supplied by the client and, as well as design work, we provided construction plans to be used by a local landscaping company, and planting plans.

We specified a combination of stained hardwood decking and seating areas with rendered blockwork planters, a plinth for the statue, and Bradstone Ivory sandstone paving. Making the most of Devon’s warmer microclimate, we suggested a primarily green planting scheme (with some white and purple) which included sculptural Fatsia, Trachycarpus fortunei, X Fatshedera lizei, Phyllostachys aurea, Musa basjoo, with some herbacious planting such as Zantedeschia aethiopica, Hosta ‘The Patriot’ and Hosta ‘Thunderbolt’ to be added in the spring.

Here are the before and after shots:

The original garden was an unloved sloping mess, dominated by overwhelming brick walls.

The finished garden relegates the brick walls to be a backdrop for the sculptural planting.

If you would like or planting schemes or a garden designed, but you’re not in the east midlands, our Design by Post service could be the ideal solution.

We’ll give our clients the last word: “…we are very pleased with the garden – many thanks again for the excellent design!”

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