Terraced Country Garden in Repton, Derbyshire

Our clients came to us in September 2018 with an untidy and awkwardly sloping back garden. The access was difficult, and there was only a small patio space near the house to relax and entertain. An old stone retaining wall needed replacing, and an uphill grassy slope beyond was unused.

The garden needed a contemporary overhaul to turn this space into something practical and beautiful, so the house could join seamlessly with the upper area, making full use of the space.

Our clients wanted areas for sitting, eating and relaxing. Open fields and trees surround the location, so no extra screening was needed.

Our solution is this contemporary design that creates a gradual climb up the garden, stopping at relaxing sitting areas along the way, enabling our clients to enjoy the sunshine when the lower patio nearest the house is in the shade.

We installed an outdoor kitchen area and extended the patio outside the house, and we included an easy-to-care-for water feature that provides a relaxing trickle of water. The white render walls create a link to the house’s new exterior and add structure and depth.

To soften the rendered walls, we added low-maintenance planting, including Rosa’ Kew Gardens’, Geranium’ Rozanne’, Penstemon’ Raven’ and Salvia’ Caradonna’.

Complete with lighting, our clients can now enjoy their garden well into the evening.


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