Here’s a question I’m always asked:

“How can I get colour and interest in my garden all year round?”

It’s a great question. Flowers make your garden come alive, but by the time we reach the gloomy, leaden skies of winter, flowers are pretty thin on the ground.

Winter is the toughest time for creating colour and interest. Perennials are hibernating, and evergreens are, well, just evergreen. Most winter gardens take on the tired, grey-brown tinge of a tatty old jacket at the back of the wardrobe.

Most depressing.

But help is at hand in the shape of spring bulbs. These little dots of colour brighten up everything and hint at the promise of better things to come.

With a bit of planning, you can treat yourself to a parade of spring flowers from January to June, by which time your perennials will have stirred themselves back into action.

I know – you don’t have time to plan these things.

Luckily, I’ve done it for you.

I have curated a fantastic Lush Spring Bulb Collection. It’s designed to flower from January right through until June. Half a year of colour and interest, right at the time your garden needs it most.

So, what do you get?

Winter Aconites

Starting in January, we have bright yellow Winter Aconites. These cheery flowers will bloom through until March.

Mixed Crocus

Next up in late February we have mixed Crocuses in yellow, white and purple. These will be happy in a border or planted in your lawn.

Mixed Daffodils

Then through March and April, we have a host of mixed Daffodils – a sure sign spring is on the way.


Tulip 'Queen of the Night'

In April and May, we have three varieties of Tulip in white, pink and purple, including ‘Queen of the Night’ (pictured).

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

They are joined in May by tall blue Camassias.

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

To finish the party, pom-pom headed purple Alliums will flower throughout May and June. By the time these are over, your garden will be at its peak, and the Allium seed heads will look beautiful well into the summer.

So, there it is. Six months of colour, 350 bulbs in total. Enough for a small front or back garden. It’s plenty to fill out a large flower border. If you run out of space, they’ll look just as good in a container.

To buy the contents of this pack at a garden centre would cost you at least £125.

But I’m buying in bulk from my bulb wholesaler, and passing on the savings directly to you.

My Lush Spring Bulb Collection costs just £84.99. At least £40 cheaper than if you bought it elsewhere.

And if you need more, I can add a second pack for £79.99.

Think about it, but don’t wait too long. My bulb order goes to my supplier on 15th September 2017.

If you want to ensure six months of colour and interest, through the absolute worst time of the gardening year, let me know today by filling out the form below.

Happy gardening,

PS: If you’re not ready for a full pack, but would like me to add some bulbs for you as part of my trade order, just let me know, and I’ll make you a quote. But don’t leave it too long, the deadline is the same – 15th September.

Here comes the tedious small print: offer applies to UK-based customers only. Bulbs will be available from mid-October 2017. This is an offer to supply bulbs only, no planting is included. For best results, bulbs need to be planted by the end of November. Delivery options are: free pickup from Blackfordby Nursery at a time to be advised; free drop off within 25 miles of our office in Blackfordby at a time to suit us (ie when we’re in your area); or delivery by post, which will incur an additional charge (cost to be advised).

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