If you’re considering a design from Lush Garden Design, one thing is for sure – roses will form an integral part of it. These iconic blooms are a staple in most of the gardens we design, and there’s good reason why.

When we use roses in garden design they bring a sense of style and elegance that is strongly associated with British gardens, whether you’re going for a traditional or a modern look.

In recent years, there has been a revival of old English-style roses, thanks to the efforts of the British grower David Austin Roses to reintroduce the shapes and forms of yesteryear, while infusing them with the health and vigour of modern roses.

We choose David Austin Roses for their shapes, colours, and scents, but they have also been thoroughly well-bred to be more disease resistant and healthy.

The result? Stunning specimen roses that no garden should be without.

Whether your garden design leans towards the modern or the traditional, you’ll almost always find a rose that suits your vision. Thankfully, they thrive particularly well in the clay-rich soils here in the Midlands.

The Timeless Elegance of Roses in Modern and Traditional Garden Designs

There is a misconception that roses are fussy, old-fashioned and delicate, and we like to challenge that thinking. Roses are generally associated with English gardens that epitomise tradition, with their fancy, graceful blooms. Here, they are often paired with box hedges, creating a beautiful contrast to the tightly clipped forms of topiary.

In a cottage garden setting, you might find them rambling around the door of a Cotswold cottage, filling the air with their sweet scent and evoking memories of gardens from the past.

But we don’t limit roses to traditional garden designs alone. In our modern garden schemes, clients are always amazed at the beauty of roses, with their profusion of flowers that captivate the eye.

Rose Lichfield Angel
Rose Lichfield Angel

Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’

A David Austin Roses English Shrub Rose. Soft, pale peachy-pink buds gently unfold into neatly shaped, cream-coloured rosettes. Each flower features a beautifully arranged ring of smooth petals, surrounding a heart filled with numerous delicate inner petals.

Over time, these petals gracefully curl back, creating a sizable, domed bloom. This robust, rounded shrub, with barely any thorns, displays its flowers in an appealing, drooping fashion along the branches. Its name is inspired by an 8th-century limestone carving found in Lichfield Cathedral.

Photos from our garden design in in Turnditch, Derbyshire.

Pairing Roses with Carefully Selected Perennials

When we incorporate roses into our planting schemes, especially in traditional ones, they form a harmonious companionship with herbaceous perennials. The rounded shapes and habits of roses often create a captivating contrast with the upright forms of other plants, resulting in an intricate tapestry of textures and shapes.

One of our favourite combinations features Salvia ‘Caradonna’, with its deep, dark purple spires, against the creamy white nodding blooms of Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel‘. This classic pairing perfectly complements rural settings and look beautiful, especially against the backdrop of a natural dry-stone wall.

However, don’t feel limited by these traditional associations. Roses are also a core element in our contemporary planting designs. Single-flowered roses are excellent for achieving a modern look. Their simple and subtle flower shapes align perfectly with the restrained colour palettes of many contemporary gardens.

Take, for example, Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’, which produces sprays of single flowers that transition from pale cream-yellow to ivory-white. This rose blooms continuously throughout the summer and is highly resistant to black spot, making it a fantastic choice for low-maintenance planting schemes.

Rosa Kew Gardens
Rosa Kew Gardens

Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’

A David Austin Roses English Shrub Rose. Tiny, singular blooms grouped in exceptionally large clusters, reminiscent of a hydrangea, blossom almost without pause from the early summer months through to autumn.

The buds, a gentle apricot hue, unfold into pristine white flowers, with a subtle touch of soft lemon around the stamens. This plant boasts remarkable health and is almost free of thorns. Its growth habit is dense and tends to be quite upright.

Photos from our garden design in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

The Secret to Repeating Rose Blooms

While it’s true that no garden, including those with roses, is entirely maintenance-free, they are not as demanding as you might think. A simple regime of regular feeding and deadheading throughout the summer will help keep their blooms repeating throughout the season.

Roses are the quintessential element that adds a touch of timeless elegance to both traditional and modern garden designs. Their versatility and enduring beauty make them an indispensable part of our garden creations at Lush Garden Design.

So, whether you’re seeking the charm of a cottage garden or the sleekness of a contemporary design, roses will always find their place in your flourishing garden.

And if you would like us to design your next garden, let us know.